14th Annual Diner Run - Saturday July 11, 2020

2020 Diner Run will be Saturday, July 11. We'll meet at 8 am at Steuben Center and run to Otto's. The diner run is an idea I borrowed from Coach O'Donnell when I was his assistant. Here is a brief time line history of the run:

  • 2007 - It may have started earlier, but this was the first year I coached high school XC. On the last day of summer practice, Coach would have the team run Eatonville Road, a 5.1 mile course which ended at Donna's Diner. In retrospect, this was a brilliant idea; the kids had a little extra motivation for the run and it was great for team bonding.
  • 2009 - Coach O'Donnell brought his teaching and coaching skills to a different school district and the diner run tradition nearly left with him. At that time, Sanzaru Running Club was made up primarily of high school cross country runners, so we picked up the tradition.
  • 2011 - Some of our members have graduated from high school and moved on to college. Having the diner run in September or even the end of August was too late for those kids, so we changed the date to July. Traditionally the second Saturday after the Boilermaker.
  • 2012 - July tends to be a lot more hot and humid than September. This year was among the worst. We had no fun sitting there all sweaty and gross trying to enjoy breakfast.
  • 2013 - Course changed to end at Crazy Otto's Empire Diner. It was another hot and humid day, so I made a last minute change. Instead of the five miles we had planned we ran 0.8 miles, at a very slow pace, straight to Otto's. No one felt sweaty and gross and we all had fun.
  • 2014 - We don't care what the weather is, we “run” the 0.8 miles to the diner just so we can say we ran. But the whole point now is the camaraderie and tradition.
  • 2017 - Some runners have expressed interest in going back to a 5 mile run. I've come up with 2.8 and 5.0 mile courses, but we'll make a decision Saturday morning based on the weather.
  • 2019 - The day before Boilermaker seems to work better... for now.